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Full text of "History Of Ancient India"

{\rtf1\ansi {\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\cpg0\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f1\fswiss\cpg0\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f2\froman\cpg1252\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f3\fswiss\cpg1252\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f4\froman\cpg1251\fcharset204 Times New Roman;}{\f5\fswiss\cpg1251\fcharset204 Arial;}{\f6\froman\cpg1250\fcharset238 Times New Roman;}{\f7\fswiss\cpg1250\fcharset238 Arial;}{\f8\froman\cpg1257\fcharset186 Times New Roman;}{\f9\fswiss\cpg1257\fcharset186 Arial;}{\f10\froman\cpg1254\fcharset162 Times New Roman;}{\f11\fswiss\cpg1254\fcharset162 Arial;}{\f12\froman\cpg1253\fcharset161 Times New Roman;}{\f13\fswiss\cpg1253\fcharset161 Arial;}{\f14\froman\cpg1255\fcharset177 Times New Roman;}{\f15\fswiss\cpg1255\fcharset177 Arial;}}{\stylesheet {\sbasedon222\f3\fs20 Normal;}}\paperw12240\paperh15840\margl3424\margr2315\margt1440\margb720 \sectd \sbknone\pgwsxn12240\pghsxn15840\marglsxn3424\margrsxn2315\margtsxn1440\margbsxn720\cols2\colno1\colw5670\colsr716\colno2\colw720 \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li22\fi0\ri0\sb0\sa0\tx1559 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex84\expndtw-19\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs22 18 8{\charscalex100\expndtw0\tab }\expndtw19 CULTURAL CONDITIONS}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li7\fi0\ri14\sb230\sa0\sl-241\slmult0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw3\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 horse let loose by his grandfather. The Suriga dynasty \expndtw4 consisted of ten rulers, but history has not condescend\-\expndtw9 ed to record anything of note about the rest. One of \expndtw7 them,, the fifth named Odraka, or, as some think, the \expndtw15 last but one called Bhagavata, was identical with \expndtw4 king Kasiputra Bhagabhadra of the Besnagar pillar inscription. It was to his court that king Antialkidas \expndtw2 (Amtalikita) of Taxila sent his ambassador Heliodorus (Heliodora), son of Dion (Diya), who calls himself a \i\charscalex91\expndtw-5 Bhdgavata?-}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li0\fi0\ri0\sb227\sa0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw0\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs23 Sunga 'R.eUgion, Art, and Literature}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li4\fi468\ri14\sb173\sa0\sl-241\slmult0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw3\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 This piece of information from the Besnagar pillar \expndtw6 inscription is important, for it proves that the Greeks were not only hurled back, but also that they thought it a wise policy to maintain friendly relations with the \expndtw8 Sungas. We further learn that Hinduism was then not \expndtw7 so narrow and parochial in outlook, as now, and that \expndtw2 even foreigners could find a place within its roomy fold. \expndtw4 The Bhagavata form of religion was then prevalent and \expndtw5 was gaining new adherents.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li14\fi454\ri25\sb0\sa0\sl-241\slmult0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw3\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 Ait also received an impetus, as is clear from the railings of the Bharhut \i Stupa \i0 erected during the Sunga \expndtw6 sovereignty. Besides, it is suggested that the ivory-\expndtw9 workers of Vidisa were responsible for one of the \expndtw2 exquisite gateways of Safichi (Foucher).}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li18\fi457\ri0\sb0\sa0\sl-241\slmult0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw5\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 Literature must have flourished during the time of \expndtw1 the Surigas. Patanjali, a native of Gonarda, wrote his \i\expndtw-1 Mahabhasja, \i0 the great commentary on Panini's grammar; \expndtw1 and perhaps there were other literary celebrities, but their \expndtw6 names have not yet been rescued from the limbo of \expndtw2 oblivion.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li410\fi0\ri0\sb767\sa0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i\super\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw-9\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 1\nosupersub J.R.A.S., \i0 1909, pp. 1053-56.}\par \column \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li0\fi0\ri0\sb11218\sa0 \f3\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex349\expndtw0\f3\cchs0\lang1033\fs35 i}\par }